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Enjoy the property you own without the chores that come with it!

NR Property Services Inc.

Residential Snow Removal

Say Goodbye to that winter chore!

Residential Snow Removal starting at $165/Month

Emergency Snow Removal Starting at 50$

Currently Servicing the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain Area

About the service

  • Contract clients receive service every time it snows within 24 hours unless a substantial snowfall occurs
  • Standard Economy Service is between 8:00am and 9:00 pm
  • We service contract clients every time it snows over 1 cm (If you cannot see the color of your driveway, we will be there.)
  • If you call us to do a service and there is packed snow and ice already present; removing it is not part of the contract or per call price. Chipping up the snow/ice comes at a separate fee. Contract clients will get free chipping when it has been a slow month.
  • We are not responsible for hidden wires or objects under the snow or damage to poor condition cement and client is responsible for damages that occur.
  • There is service on all stat days with the exception of Christmas Day
  • We do not yet service acreages for snow removal
  • Discounts given if neighboring houses sign up
  • Per call fees are collected right after service 
  • Please keep in mind that we cannot view all properties when it snows; there have been instances where there has been little snow at one house but only a km away enough snow for a removal. There have been other instances where completely no snow in spruce grove and 5 cm in stony plain. Please be patient and let us know if you think your house has been missed - this may be the reason.

If you would like more information, to request a quote or book a service the fastest way is through email @ [email protected]

Please include your name, what services you would like and the address to be quoted with the city.